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Book thoughts: Rethinking Grading: Meaningful Assessment for Standards-Based Learning by Cathy Vattertott

Near the beginning of my career in education, my mentor teacher and friend told me about an organization called ASCD that had transformed her teaching even late into her career. Since then, I have been a member and have enjoyed the shipment of 5 separate books that comes each year. For the most part, these books dig deeper into subjects that I have a cursory knowledge in and help me to further hone and refine my craft. I have treasured this membership even more so as an administrator and have used it to provide resources to teachers that I am working with. No kickbacks here, just a plug for something I personally have enjoyed and benefitted from.
The member book for this month centers on the issue of standards based grading, which involves rethinking traditional forms of grading that have persisted for decades. Standards based grading as a movement challenges notions about what our purpose is as a school, what the purpose of student work is and what outcomes we should seek for studen…

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