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How Twitter Chats Act as Synapses

In a previous life that is closely connected to this current one, I was an AP Psychology teacher. Just bringing this fact up makes me want to preach the value that psychology has to anyone and everyone, but I'll set that one diatribe aside for now.

What I want to ponder now is the way that information is shared and leads to the overall edification of individuals as they participate in twitter chats. Tonight, as a part of my summer of professional learning, I decided to participate in a twitter chat that I had never been a part of before. I happened to see a Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented post on twitter for a chat they were leading tonight titled "Where's the 'Off' Button? Helping Parents of Young Gifted Children". You can see the chat here on storify.

As I was reflecting on the value that the chat had for me as an educator and as the mom of a preschool aged gifted child, I thought about how learning takes place and how twitter chats (and twitt…

Thoughts on School Safety After (Another) National Tragedy

Less than 3 months into being a brand new teacher, an emergency staff meeting was called and we were informed that there was an unsubstantiated bomb threat for the school to take place on the following day, Halloween. While police were involved and there was no belief that the threat was credible, we were still asked to treat the situation very seriously and to be alert. I remember walking back to my classroom and looking around to make sure there wasn't anything that didn't belong there. Almost 10 years later, I was in my second month of being an assistant principal and we were securing the building for a lockdown. A convict had managed to escape at a local Walmart and the police were going to be searching vacant buildings near the school. As I reflect on the end of my 13th year in education, I am thankful that a real threat hasn't come to my door.
There has not been a year that I was in the classroom that the issue of safety and security didn't come up. While I beli…

To Our Graduates on Graduation Day

Every August it seems like it could be the start of the longest year ever. And yet... here we are, a few hours away from the class of 2016 graduation ceremony. For me, it is a special graduation because the students who will walk across the stage today are the students who were freshmen when I became an assistant principal. As I reflect on this fact, I wanted to drop some last bits of knowledge:
1. Somebody in Grapevine, TX loves you Maybe we've cheered you on in athletics, academics, or the fine arts. Maybe we've had to administer a consequence for a moment where your judgement lapsed. Maybe we've been an ear to bend when you just needed to talk about something. Maybe we've pushed you to do better, be better, think better. Whatever we've done for you, we've done it with love because you deserve it.
2. We still want to keep in touch Someday you are going to accomplish something and you'll realize that part of it began in the halls of your high school. When…

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